✿ About Me ✿

✿ Helenagaifem products are all unique and designed by Helena with love. ✿

Henlo and welcome to my store! My name is Helena and I am a full-time artist/illustrator based in Porto, Portugal. I absolutely love to create cute and chaotic illustrations and products that hopefully bring a smile or happy feeling to everyone seeing or buying them. Everything I do is created with a lot of care and love and in the end, I want my cutie creations to transmit those feelings.

I love to paint my illustrations with soft colors and often add some "electric" colors to compliment the pastel hues which are my favorite! Besides creating new art and products for my store full-time I also stream on twitch frequently and run a membership program called Ushi Mail on Ko-fi where I send monthly goodies by mail to my subscribers! My favorite medium is watercolor paint but I also like to experiment with other mediums such as acrylic gouache, pastels, inks and oils as well as digital art.

I also have a fluffy kitty named Ushi and she is super cute and adorable and I love her to death!! She's my precious baby and the inspiration of my original OC that still comes back in my art often. You will very likely get to see her sleep behind me during my streams on Twitch or reels on Instagram, so when you see a floof blob of black and white fur that's her!!

Oh, and I am a sucker for all things cute, pastel and fluffy and love me a good cup of coffee. It is very nice to meet you, I hope you enjoy everything I present to you in my store and I hope to also see you on my socials or stream some day while I pretend like I know what I'm doing and paint!!