✿ Products ✿

Where do you source your products from?

We either make our products in-house in Portugal or else together with our trusted manufacturers in China or the Netherlands. We have strict requirements for product quality from our suppliers and are constantly sampling new types of products and materials in order to bring the best to our customers.

An item is out of stock or no longer on the website. will it be coming back?

In some cases out-of-stock products will be restocked, but products are also periodically discontinued to make room for new designs. If an item is no longer appearing on the website and shown as out of stock it likely won't be restocked. Due to being an artisanal small business some products might only get one or two runs, so it's recommended to grab anything you like sooner rather than later!

I want a different size of a product you offer in the shop, is this possible?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer different sizes of most products besides prints and stickers. For custom sized prints or stickers please contact us through the contact form on the website. You can however always leave a suggestion on our discord

Do you offer wholesale for your products?

We do accept and welcome (bigger) wholesale orders, the best way to find out if we can work something out in this area is to contact us through the contact form on the website or send us an email to helena@helenagaifem.store

Are your products free of allergens?

We cannot guarantee what metals, fabrics or other materials are used in our items unless otherwise stated in the item's description. If you are allergic to certain kinds of metal it is recommended that you replace any chains, rings or other metal with your own that you know are safe.